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Fabric Specifications
Fibre Channel Protocols

* Physical Interface (FC-PI-3)
* Line Services (FC-LS)
* Framing & Signaling (FC-FS-2)
* Generic Services (FC-GS/FC-GS-2/FC-GS-3/FCGS- 4/FC-GS-5)
* Switch Fabric (FC-SW-2/FC-SW-3/FC-SW-4), except for enhanced zoning
* Arbitrated Loop Rev. 4.6 (FC-AL)
* Arbitrated Loop-2 Rev. 7.0 (FC-AL-2)
* Fibre Loop Attachment (FC-FLA)
* Tape Technical Report (FC-Tape)
* Virtual Interface Architecture Mapping (FC-VI)
* Fabric Element MIB Specification (RFC 2837)
* Fibre Alliance MIB Specification (Version 4.0)
* Methodologies for Interconnects (FC-MI-2)
* Device Attach (FC-DA)
* Security Protocols (FC-SP)

Fibre Channel Classes of Service

Class 2, Class 3, and Class F (inter-switch frames) connectionless Fibre Channel protocol support
Modes of Operation

* Fabric
* Public loop
* Broadcast

Performance Features
Fabric Port Speed

* 4Gb I/O Blade (SB9004-4G) @ 1.0625, 2.125, and 4.250 Gbps
o Auto sensing of 1, 2, and 4 Gbps port speeds
o Optionally programmable to fixed port speed
* 8Gb I/O Blade (SB9004-8G) @ 1.0625, 2.125, 4.250, and 8.50 Gbps
o Auto sensing of 1, 2, 4 and 8 Gbps port speeds
o Optionally programmable to fixed port speed
* FC10G4 I/O Blades @ 12.75 Gbps

FC Fabric Latency (Best Case)

* 4Gb I/O blade (SB9004-4G): <0.3?sec @ 4 Gbps
* 8Gb I/O blade (SB9008-8G): <0.2?sec @ 8 Gbps
* 10Gb I/O blade (SB9010-10G): <0.2?sec @ 10 Gbps

FC Fabric Point-to-Point Bandwidth

* 212MB/s Full-Duplex on 1Gb ports
* 424MB/s Full-Duplex on 2Gb ports
* 850MB/s Full-Duplex on 4Gb ports
* 1700MB/s Full-Duplex on 8Gb ports
* 2550MB/s Full-Duplex on 10Gb ports

System Bandwidth

* Backplane switching capacity
o SB9100 Model - 408 Gbps, full-duplex
o SB9200 Model - 816 Gbps, full-duplex
o 2X SB9200 HyperStack - 1632 Gbps, fullduplex
o Non-blocking HyperStack architecture
* Local switching capacity
o SB9100, 4Gb blades - 1088 Gbps
o SB9100, 8Gb blades - 2176 Gbps
o SB9200. 4Gb blades - 2176 Gbps
o SB9200, 8Gb blades - 4352 Gbps

Maximum Frame Sizes

* 2148 bytes (2112 byte payload)
* In-order delivery assured within OX-ID

Per-port Buffering

* ASIC-embedded memory (non-shared)
* Each port has a guaranteed 16-credit zero wait state buffer for full performance up to
13km @ 2Gb and 2Km @ 10Gb
* Buffer credit donor support via software GUI wizard to extend distance with full performance

Inter-Switch Link (ISL) Trunking

* Supports aggregation of up to 128 ISLs in one or more trunks between multiple switches in
any port speed combination and across multiple I/O Blades
o 10Gb recommended to maximize number of usable 4/2/1Gb Server/Storage ports on
both QLogic 5000 Series and 9000 Series switches
* Switch-On-Exchange (SOE) mode for dynamic ISL trunk load balancing to maximize throughput
o Assured in-order delivery of frames in all multi-switch and multi-ISL trunked configurations
o Adaptive Trunking to improve efficiency via optimal routing across multiple trunk groups
o Intelligent Path Selection (IPS) on all 10Gbps and 4/2/1Gbps ISL trunk ports
* Automatic configuration of ISL trunks including multi-hop paths between multiple switches
o Supports all multi-switch fabric topologies including stack, cascade, cascaded loop,
and mesh
o Adaptive Trunking to improve efficiency via optimal routing across multiple trunk groups
o Up to 239 switches depending on configuration
* Non-disruptive dynamic addition of ISLs to an existing trunk
* High availability with automatic path failover

System Processor
800 MHz PowerPC processor
I/O Blade Processor
400 MHz PowerPC processor
Modular Scalability
Ports Per Chassis Module

* 16 to 128 FC 4/2/1 Gbps ports
* 4 to 32 FC 10 Gbps ports
* Full Blade intermix support, maximum 8 Blades, all Blades hot-pluggable
* >475,000 user ports depending on configuration

Ports Per Rack

Up to 1,280 ports per 42U rack
Chassis Module HyperStack

* Two BASE Model SB9200 chassis modules via 4 proprietary HyperStack cables
o Two domains
o Up to 256 Fibre Channel 4/2/1 Gbps ports

Multi-switch Fabrics

* Supports all topologies, including: stack, cascade, cascaded loop, and mesh
* Maximum 239 switches (domain IDs) depending on configuration

Fabric Port Types

* All ports are universal, auto-discovering, self configuring and can assume the following states:
* F_Port: Fabric (N_Port Id Virtualization [NPIV] support automatically enabled) with up to
255 NPIVs per port
* FL_Port: Fabric loop (public loop)
* E_Port: Switch-to-switch

Administrative Port Types

* G_Port: Generic
* GL_Port: Generic loop

Port Security

* Port binding via list of WWNs (up to 32) allowed access to a port
* ISL and port authentication via Fibre Channel Security Protocol (FC-SP) and DH-CHA P

Port Statistics

* Configuration and operational data
* Transmitted and received frame counts
* Transmitted and received error counts

Media Type (Ordered Separately)

* 8Gb I/O blade (SB9008-8G) - Hot-pluggable, industry standard 3.3 volt SFP+ transceivers (for 8 Gbps speed) or SFP transceivers (for 4 and 2 Gbps speed)
* 4Gb I/O blade (SB9004-4G) - Hot-pluggable, industry standard 3.3 volt SFPs for 4/2/1 Gbps speeds
* 10Gb I/O blade (SB9010-10G) - Hot-pluggable, indusatry-standard X2 optical transceivers or X2 copper ISL cables for 10 Gbps speed

Supported SFP Transceiver Types

* Short Wave (optical)
* Long Wave (optical)
* Active/Passive Copper (8/4/2Gb)

Supported X2 Transceiver Types

* Short Wave (optical)
* Long Wave (optical)

Media Transmission Ranges (@ 10Gbps speeds)

* Optical Media
* Short Wave: 300 m (984 ft.)
* Long Wave: 8.34 km (5.18 miles)

Optical Cable Types (4Gb, 8Gb, and 10Gb)

* 50/62.5 micron multimode fiber optic
* 9 micron single-mode fiber optic